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The Online Portfolio of Patrick Eischen

Tadao Ando Row House (Osaka, Japan)

This is my latest work. I hope you like it.

Built by the famous japanese architect Tadao Ando, this small residence is divided into the entrance with the living area and a kitchen with a small bathroom just behind it. The first floor consists of a bedroom and a guest room. These different areas are seperated by a central open courtyard.

Hanging Home Entrance

I uploaded a new image, created in Cinema 4D and rendered with Vray. The image itself is a recreation from a photograph from More info and photographs about the project can be found in the info. I did this in a personal exercise to see how close I can reproduce an original photograph in 3D.

Lunch Atop a Skyscraper

My version of the famous picture taken by Charles C. Ebbets in 1932 showing eleven workers eating lunch 840 feet above the streets of New York City. Just as a sidenode, the original photograph shows real workers, however it is believed that the moment was staged for promotion purposes. Then again, it was quite common during this period to work in such conditions without any safty harness.

Living Room

Today I added this image into my portfolio. I worked a couple of evenings on this, just to relax a bit and to get some distance from other stuff I've been doing.

Physical Camera and Exposure Control in Cinema 4D

This video should give you a general understanding about how the physical camera in Cinema 4D and also VrayForC4D works. I will explain Shutter Speed, ISO Rating and Aperture/F-Stop from the perspective of traditional photography. In this process I will of course also talk about Motion Blur and Depth of Field. I will only use the Physical Renderer of Cinema 4D Vizualize/Studio, but you should have no problems applying the same techniques to Vray.

Random Texture Placement with XPresso in Cinema 4D

Have you ever searched for a way of how to randomize the texture placement (Offset U and Offset V) of multiple objects all at once in Cinema 4D? Let's say you have floor tiles where each tile is still a seperate object and each such tile has a wood texture applied to it for example. If you don't offset the texture placement, all tiles will look exactly the same. As far as I know there is no way to randomize this offset without any plugin or script. You have to go into each texture tag and do it manually. In this lesson I show you how you can use XPresso to automate this task and how to store the expression in the Content Browser so you can quickly use it in your projects.

iPhone Modeling Tutorial

In this 2 hour tutorial I will model an iPhone 4s in Cinema 4D from scratch and I will guide you through all the steps. This tutorial is intended for beginners, so in the first part I will talk very briefly about how to navigate in your viewport. Then I will setup some reference images and then I will begin modeling the object piece by piece. During the whole process I will try to give as much explanations as possible and I will also stress out some common pitfalls.

Tampa Covenant Church, Florida, USA

You probably remember this building from my Exterior Lighting Tutorial I posted a while back ago. Truth is that I modeled this scene over two years ago but never really finished texturing it, until know. I uploaded seven renders of this scene. As usual, you'll find them in [my portfolio].

Expose 10

I am very proud to announce that two of my latest images will be featured in Expose 10. One of my images also has won the Master award in the Architectural (interior) category! Amazing!

To find out more about this amazing book, visit BallisticPublishing [link].

You can also read a short interview with me and see all the other master winners [here].

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