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Hanging Home Entrance

I uploaded a new image, created in Cinema 4D and rendered with Vray. The image itself is a recreation from a photograph from More info and photographs about the project can be found in the info. I did this in a personal exercise to see how close I can reproduce an original photograph in 3D.

Lunch Atop a Skyscraper

My version of the famous picture taken by Charles C. Ebbets in 1932 showing eleven workers eating lunch 840 feet above the streets of New York City. Just as a sidenode, the original photograph shows real workers, however it is believed that the moment was staged for promotion purposes. Then again, it was quite common during this period to work in such conditions without any safty harness.

Living Room

Today I added this image into my portfolio. I worked a couple of evenings on this, just to relax a bit and to get some distance from other stuff I've been doing.

Tampa Covenant Church, Florida, USA

You probably remember this building from my Exterior Lighting Tutorial I posted a while back ago. Truth is that I modeled this scene over two years ago but never really finished texturing it, until know. I uploaded seven renders of this scene. As usual, you'll find them in [my portfolio].

Kyosk (Kirchberg)

This ironic cube was created by Polaris Architects and is located in the "Central Park" of Kirchberg in Luxembourg City. This building can be used for social events. It features a bar on the ground floor and a terrace on the first floor. The outside storage containers have also the purpose to cover the atendees from the wind, a plane can be overstretched, so they will be protected from sun or rain. The paint coating should prevent graffiti.

You will find 13 renders of this project in my [portfolio].

St. Henry's Ecumenical Chapel (Turku, Finland)

I rendered a series of a dozen of images from my latest project, the St. Henry's Ecumenical Chapel in Turku, Finland.

The St. Henry's Ecumenical Art Chapel, outside the city of Turku stands on a small hill on the island of Hirvensalo. The shape of the building follows the contours of the site and is constructed like an upturned boat. The chapel is divided into two parts: the chapel in the front part and a gallery in the back. The visitor can study the works of art during the service. The back of the church is only lighten by a small opening in the roof whereas the front has big windows on both sided of the altar. The idea was that one walks from darkness towards light from a hidden source. In the course of time, natural light will turn the tone of the timber to a reddish color.

The chapel's patinated altar is the last public work of academician and sculptor Kain Tapper. In the altar window is a work by artist Hannu Konola, and light filters through it onto the altar wall. [go to my portfolio]

Radar Tower Luxembourg

I uploaded 5 new renders of my latest project. I created a series of images of the airport radar tower here in Luxembourg, designed by the architect Paul Betz. All renders are done with VrayForC4d and Photoshop has been used for post-production. I hope you like them. You will find them in the gallery in the ArchViz category. [go to my portfolio]

Turning Torso (Malmo, Sweden)

The Turning Torso is a skyscrapper in Malmö, Sweden. Designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, it reaches a height of 190 meters with 54 stories. The design of the tower is based on a sculpture by Calatrave, called Twisted Torso.

I modeled the tower in Cinema 4D and rendered it with VrayForC4d.

Church Of Light (Osaka)

I finally had time to finish this image. This is the Church of Light in Osaka, built after the famous designs of Japanese architect Tadao Ando.

Interior: Jewish Museum Berlin

I rendered an interior shot of the jewish museum in Berlin. The museum consists of two buildings, one old courhouse from the 18th century and a new addition built by Daniel Liebeskind. An empty corridor called "Void" slices through the entire building. This is the part I show in my image.

Morgue in Soleuvre (Luxembourg)

This is a render of the inside of the morgue here in Soleuvre, Luxembourg. The morgue has been restored lately by the architect bureau A+T Architecture Arend + Thill. Their design won a prize in the Prix Luxembourgeois d'Architecture in 2007. [go to my gallery]

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