Interior: Jewish Museum Berlin

I rendered an interior shot of the jewish museum in Berlin. The museum consists of two buildings, one old courhouse from the 18th century and a new addition built by Daniel Liebeskind. An empty corridor called "Void" slices through the entire building. This is the part I show in my image.

New webpage online

My new webpage is now online. I changed the design and improved some functionality of the gallery page. I think it looks much cleaner like this. If you see any problems, mistakes or strange behavior with the site in your browser, please email me.

Morgue in Soleuvre (Luxembourg)

This is a render of the inside of the morgue here in Soleuvre, Luxembourg. The morgue has been restored lately by the architect bureau A+T Architecture Arend + Thill. Their design won a prize in the Prix Luxembourgeois d'Architecture in 2007. [go to my gallery]

New free C4D plugin: ToggleSymmetry

Right now I'm working on a new Focke Wulf plane and I have a lot of different objects in the scene. Most of them have their own Symmetry and HyperNurbs object. While I have a plugin for disabling/enabling all HyperNurbs objects at once, I couldn't find one for the Symmetry objects. And I was in need for one, because my scene was getting heavy with all these objects. Disabling them all by hand was a real pain because they are buried in the hierarchy. So I quickly created a COFFE plugin for this purpose. You can download the plugin [here].
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